Thursday, November 15, 2018

Miami Lakes Educational Center and Technical Collage A REVIEW

How can the educational system fail you and itself at the same time?
The ineptitude of the SYSTEM is only aggravated by the bad attitude, laziness or don't care attitude from those who administer of work within the same system...
Case in point.
Actual experience as told by First hand witness or in this case victim.... Who only wanted to enroll in one of the Vocational classes offered...
Their lack or coordination within the registration office and the staff cost the person a $40.000 per year  job that was held provided the person gets enrolled in class for the job offered...
The person goes to the office tells them the story, was told that there was one (1) opening left for the semester. The person told the staff to hold the spot he'd be back with the registration monies the next day...
You guessed it, they gave the spot to someone else... Now that person has to wait 8 months almost a year to receive the graduation certificate for the job offered...
What is worse the same office don't know when the REGISTRATION for the next class is BECAUSE the person who knows that aspect of the Classes registration is out sick or other EXCUSE...
Having spoken in person With the Vice principal in charge of that area Mrs, Green who was no help at all and the other counselor Mrs Taylor who is as inflexible as permafrost... As the witness tells it, He tried to register for the Vocational course that would have started in NOV to March. in case another student already registered would change his/her mind and he would take that vacant spot.
The  prospective student told Mrs. Taylor that he was ready to pay cash that same day.....
They Answered that the Course instructor Mr. J had no say whether a student can enroll or not  in a contingency basis.
So if you are interested in attending Miami lakes Vocational college... Good luck getting past the low level staff... Who will call the police on you the second your voice is raised in discontent.
The entire staff treat grown adults with the disdain teachers reserve to preschoolers....

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Quantum Entanglement, regular life and ESP explained...

There are things in life that can be explained and understood, The hardest, Mother and child feelings and bond. And those unexplained feelings that hold true, The way Twins separated at BIRTH behave almost as one.

Artist depiction of Bacterial Quantum entanglement

A new paper from a group at the University of Oxford is now raising some eyebrows for its claims of the successful entanglement of bacteria with photons—particles of light. Led by the quantum physicist Chiara Marletto and published in October in the Journal of Physics Communications, the study is an analysis of an experiment conducted in 2016 by David Coles from the University of Sheffield and his colleagues. In that experiment Coles and company sequestered several hundred photosynthetic green sulfur bacteria between two mirrors, progressively shrinking the gap between the mirrors down to a few hundred nanometers—less than the width of a human hair. By bouncing white light between the mirrors, the researchers hoped to cause the photosynthetic molecules within the bacteria to couple—or interact—with the cavity, essentially meaning the bacteria would continuously absorb, emit and reabsorb the bouncing photons. The experiment was successful; up to six bacteria did appear to couple in this manner.

After you read that report....
Here are some thoughts regarding
Quantum entanglement and REAL life unexplained feelings such as mother's intuition, ESP and DEJA VU maybe related...


Mother's Intuition... That Gut feeling
Human cell can not divide itself without first becoming quantum entangled
at the lowest electron.

According to Amy Boddy, a researcher at Arizona State University's Department of Psychology and lead author of a new study, chimeras exist. Indeed, many humans bear chimerical traits in the form of foreign cells from parents, siblings or offspring, acquired during pregnancy.
"Fetal cells can act as stem cells and develop into epithelial cells, specialized heart cells, liver cells and so forth. This shows that they are very dynamic and play a huge role in the maternal body. They can even migrate to the brain and differentiate into neurons," Boddy says "We are all chimeras."

Twins separated live similar lives...

Why twins seperated at Birth will almost always find each other either by ACCIDENT or on purpose.
The only way to explain the incredible coincidences regarding  twins is via Quantum entanglement or as Einstein used to say, "Spooky ACTION at a Distance...
Here is a link to some stories regarding how separated at birth TWINS will always look for the other wether they know it or not...

Loandepot a Review report

Having 20 plus years as a realestate co, with over many full time agents..
Having dealt with the same loan officer in various lenders this is the worst loan co we have dealt with.
Never mind the fact that they are one of the oldest online lenders... Online experience will not translate to human contact and TACT... (The officer is human the Co is NOT)
They will not move forward with the file such as when there is an issue with the credit report even if the potential borrower earns over a million per year.   This will cause delays
They will NOT order an Appraisal to the property while any issue is pending, (Signature or an Addendum) This will cause a delay in the contract deadlines... needing extensions.
Major Issue or Problem.. They have no SAY on WHO does the Appraisal... In our case the sent a NOVICE appraisal to evaluate a UNIQUE REMODELED property. The appraisal to the property came to the same price as the most recent sale needing COMPLETE REBUILDING..
If you are a real estate agent looking for a loan solution and a straight forward loan...
STAY AWAY FROM Loan Depot...
Don''t believe this issue? Good for you Read the reviews at CREDIT KARMA. Link below

Good luck with your loan
Abraham Ben Judea

Thursday, October 25, 2018

New way to BYPASS facial recognition...FBI

Information has come forward
The FBI is purchasing and installing in their regional offices 3D printers.
Why you ask 3D printers? The cell phone facial recognition lock in the Cell Phones and Iphone has given the police state trouble when it comes time to get access to the contact, calls and location information.
These are all 3D printed Busts...real enough to unlock any phone.

What the FBI is now set to do is Scan the Drivers licence picture of the suspect, merge that information with the Arrest photo the face of the cell phone owner. They will then print a BUST of the person place the BUST in front of the cell phone and it will then UNLOCK because the cell phone can't tell from living to a plastic figure...

Wait there's more...
While this is just the beginning in the cat and mouse, Privacy VS the police state...There are those who say that, We use only IRIS or the eye to open the cell phone... They are beginning to print EYEBALLS also...

Friday, August 31, 2018

The Summer Palace Heist

Richard Rios caught the interest of an older Chinese invitee who was eyeing for the longest time the same ceramic piece Richard was interested in by only asking him if he thought the ceramic horse and rider belonged to the "Summer palace." The provenance of the piece was doubtful at best. The piece is said to have been uncovered from a French soldier's grave after an old tree toppled over ripping open the grave..... (Ming Rui) Shook his head but face his betrayed interest.. Richard introduced himself while picking up the piece without asking "And your name is?"
   Richard gently put the ceramic back upon the Blood red velvet covered pedestal as five burly men approached him from all sides... Backing away with hands in the air to indicate no trouble intended...He grabbed a champagne flute that was passing by... He looked at the guest whose face had turned ashen , shook his hand firmly but warmly...
"I'm Ming Rui" he said as the color returned to his cheeks from the fright Richard gave him.
"Ming Rui? Really?" He paused. Was you named by chanced after the son in-law to the emperor Qualong"... Ming smiled, raised his own glass. Said nothing for a moment... Then took a few step to get closer to Richard
 "You surprised me Mr. Rios Not many people know such details"
Richard smiled with pride as he had read that little
info a few days back, still proud of himself to remember it.
Ming asked, "What is it that interests you regarding the summer palace artifacts?"
"The Hunt, Mr. Ming, The hunt."
"With millions of pieces to hunt for, for me few are as intriguing the Emperor's tea set" He paused for drama as well as to read the man's face for hints of interest...
"This is hardly the place to hold a good conversation, I see there are others who want your ear Mr. Ming...I look forward to seeing you again perhaps we might have other interests in common... "
Rios knew that Mr. Ming knew more than he let on... Curiosity will make him call...
     That was a few years back here today they met in a Old french restaurant in the oldest part of France...It was busy for 2 PM in the middle of the week...
Ming was some what annoyed by the woman and her unruly child seated a few tables away...
Mr. Ming lost focus on the woman and focused instead  on the old map upon the wall behind Richard's seat, and said, "This city has certainly come a long ways." he pointed to the map.
Now that he mentioned it the walls of the restaurant were adorned with old maps of Paris.

Having discussed politics, the weather, religion even grand children. They both knew but did not bring up the private investigators each had on each other...
"This wine is not as good as I hoped." Richard made a sour face.....
A waiter having his full attention on his table, scurried up to Richard, took the sour wine away without asking...
Ming did not touch the wine or food, merely played with a sliced piece of french bread plucking away at the sesame seeds one by one....

"You might be interested to know Mr. Ming I've come across an old shipping manifesto dating back to 1885 with it a letter detailing Ceramics taken and shipped together with what appears hundreds of Gold pieces...." Richard didn't volunteer any more waiting for Ming to show interest...
Ming simply asked. "Why are you telling me this?"
    Richard stopped taking while the waiter displayed a bottle with some older ragged label. He motioned to Ming for his favor Ming just slightly shrugged his shoulders and made his hands in an open hand gesture..
Tasting the Red wine Richard just pushed it away.
  "Come back with something better." He thought it better.. You know what why don't you call the owner ask them what they would serve themselves and bring me that.. Ok?

"Because, You Mr. Ming know more people than I ...The right kind of people to get what you want..."
Ming stood.... Richard reached out touched Mr. Ming,s hand...Without looking up Knowing that The Palace looting was a subject of keen study of Ming's....Said out loud.
 "The sender was Jean Batiste Gros."
"Mr. Rios, you suddenly have my undivided attention."
Again the waiter was at Richard's left with a bottle whose label had seen some hustle.
"House Reserve 1954 is what the owner's said" He said head held back as if holding something he did not want to let go..
Richard pointed for the wine to be placed on the table waited for the wine to be poured and motioned to the waited to leave
"Jean Batiste Gros?"..."  The Baron Jean Batiste Gros?"
 Richard just nodded his head, smiling slightly...
"Found it in a old Shipping ledger in a pawn shop.. What is of our interest is where it was shipped to..."

Ming looked at Richard with a raised eyebrow..
Sipped some wine... Richard copied his facial expression and waited in silence.. Ming sucked air between his teeth... Said while taking another sip, "Our Interest?...Mr Rios, Tell me how?."
Richard knew that in all negotiations, who ever speaks first loses.
He took a small bite of the unknown local cheese.
"It is simple Mr. Ming You send your assistants shopping, I send my assistants home, and we can talk freely and frankly..."
Richard poised himself ready to leave the table with the top of his 8 fingers wiggling as if waving goodbye.
Richard took the initiative beckoned the head assistant who was busy on the phone way over in a corner seem he never ate Richard never saw him eat or drink.
Tom left his the table moved like a large cat on the hunt never putting down the phone from his ear...
Tom looked at Richard's guest... Said, "Forgive my intrusion sir."
Richard again took another sip... "Tom, you and the crew can take the rest of the night off"
Tom Pressed the phone screen 3 or 5 times. 5 cars out on the street turned on their lights and moved away.
Seen that Ming held his hands as if to rub them moved the index and middle fingers as if the were chopsticks... 3 people who were unseen came out of hiding, one dropped the apron, the other two came out as if from the very walls. a long stream of cars passed by the restaurant window...
Richard smiled. His chief of security was spot on. Richard knew that he would never be truly alone and neither would Ming.
As they walked along the old streets Richard made a motion towards the early November night sliver of a moon that was peeking over some sparse clouds the city lights illuminated from below.
Richard broke the silence that Ming was not in a hurry to break, "Mr. Ming the number of full moons we will both see are numbered, How do you think, we'll be remembered?"
"Richard, I'll call you Rick, Rick, My passing will be felt by few, But my fingers will be felt for decades."

                                                   THE HEIST IS BORN

All great enterprises are very delicate in their beginnings.
Ming and Richard walked along the row houses, Richard put his right index finger to hisear . Ming did not notice  or pretended not to notice. They walked in silence a little longer.
Richard asked Ming, "Hey Ming, did you hear the joke about the Two balloons floating along the desert?"
Richard put his index finger to his lips, put his hand in the inside of his jacket...
"No? "  As he put a pair of clear glasses upon Ming's face...
Ming's face and eyes opened and grew wide as the Glasses revealed a laser dot upon Richard's right side. He took the glasses off the dot disappeared. He understood. Said nothing more
Richard said. "One ballon said to the other,.. 'Don't worry just stay away from the CACTUSSSSSSS."
Ming put his hand on Richard's shoulder....Said, "Dick. It's getting late. Can this walk wait for another day?"

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Are Televisions the ALL seeing Eye?

Associated press International
March 12 2023

It was reported by anonymous sources and confirmed by others that the united states together with the UK and Australia have  converted All television set into transmitting cameras even when NO camera lens is incorporated into the TV. Details are emerging, It appears that DARPA since it was able to convert common DIODES on Microwaves and other devices into transmitting microphones they have since 2008 converted ALL TV sets into transmitting cameras even when powered off. They were able to do this by hiding the secret programming into the remote controls Since this report has surfaced it's reported that China and Russia have removed all Televisions sets from their government offices
Wikileaks have not returned our calls for comments. Darpa of course have no commentsImage result for Picture TV with an eye in it

1 of 4
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd
KRX: 005930
45,150 KRW 0.22%
Sony Corp
TYO: 6758
6,024 JPY 1.81%
Nokia Oyj
4.57 EUR 0.24%

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Lowe's Explosive growth to 2033

Wall street Tonight 
The July 1st 2033 edition
We begin with the movers and losers
Today Lowe's co`s dropped 7.5 % to 247.25 upon the unexpected  retirement announcement  of chairman Marvin Ellison who took the reins on July of 2018 Mr. Ellison who foresaw the future and implemented 3D printing stands at all Lowe's stores. A move that was ridiculed and then copied by other hardware chains and auto parts...
The retirement has come as a surprise to many who follow this stock...

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Why Police retirement payouts are unconstitutional?

Image result for picture of the constitution of the united states
From CNN:
"The former school resource officer criticized for his response to the Parkland school massacre is receiving more than $8,700 a month in state pension, Florida Department of Management Services spokeswoman Nina Ashley said Wednesday.
There are no charges or circumstances that would affect Scot Peterson's pension, according to a March 28 department letter requesting local officials submit information pertaining to Peterson's retirement benefits. However, two investigations into the police response to the February 14 shooting remain ongoing."
Peterson will get $104,400 every year for the rest of his life.
This means that if property taxes are $3,500 P/Y  29.82 = $$104.400 Divide by $3.500 = 29.82 homeowners property taxes will go directly to Mr. Peterson...Almost 30 families will work for the FULL BENEFIT of Peterson thanks to the unconstitutional taxation of Private property...
What is more many of those families will have to move because of excessive taxation, still others will lose their home in sheriff sale via TAX CERTIFICATES...
The American people have become the servants of municipal unions...  
This is just one low ex-police officer... Read below
This is a list of Law Enforcement Agencies in the state of Florida. According to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics' 2008 Census of State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies, the state had 387 law enforcement agencies employing 46,105 sworn police officers, about 250 for each 100,000 residents.
Article 1 sec.9 line 4
(No capitation, or other direct, Tax shall be laid, unless in Proportion to the Census or Enumeration herein before directed to be taken.) (Section in parentheses clarified by the 16th Amendment.)
"No direct taxes shall be imposed except apportionment"
When a state names a tax that NAMED tax becomes a DIRECT TAX towards the thing named.
Therefore Property taxes are unconstitutional.

Friday, April 27, 2018

7 day Blister Plague 2034 AKA 7DBP34

                                                                       AKA 7DBP34

From UPI latest
The CDC is reporting that a rare and new disease is spreading like wild fire among the Caucasian population.
The CDC is urging that all all Caucasians avoid large group meetings and crowed places such as trains until further notice. The CDC reports it has yet to determine how the disease spread but it reports the disease has a mortality rate above 65% so far all the victims are white. The CDC report states that Seven countries have reported victims with this new Plague Rising Disease toll exceed 1700 in two weeks since its discovery. Symptoms include watery blisters in the crotch area spreading to the rest of the body, with steady rising fever with mild to severe diarrhea. Most patients die 7 days after the 1st large thumb size blister is reported.
The CDC is investigating the cause of the disease that shows no boundaries So far all who died have a single common element,  Blue or Green Light color  eyes.
The Blog sphere is red hot with rumors that it may be the 1st recorded race specific biological attack. So far only guesses, finger pointing. While all of them pointing the finger at China... The UK and American Governments argue caution.

Using the gene-editing tool CRISPR to snip at DNA is often akin to using scissors to edit a newspaper article. You can cut out words, but it's difficult to remove individual letters or instantly know how the cuts affect the meaning of the text. Someday, CRISPR could be used to "clip" disease-causing genetic mutations in patients. But such precision medicine is impossible so long as CRISPR remains a clumsy tool.

In work that will help make the gene-editing process more precise, researchers at the Joint Institute of Metrology and Biology (JIMB, a collaboration between Stanford University and the National Institute of Standards and Technology, or NIST), have developed a new kind of CRISPR platform called MAGESTIC. Taking its name from the phrase "multiplexed accurate genome editing with short, trackable, integrated cellular barcodes," the new platform makes CRISPR less like a blunt cutting tool and more like a word processor by enabling an efficient "search and replace" function for genetic material. Announced in a Nature Biotechnology paper, MAGESTIC also produced a sevenfold increase in cell survival during the editing process.

Some of the names of the biggest players in the industry may be familiar. Others may not ring as many bells, but with their market value, the relative anonymity works to their advantage. The Motley Foolprovides a list of the companies doing the best business:
  • Johnson & Johnson ($276 billion market value)
  • Novartis ($273 billion)
  • Pfizer ($212 billion)
  • Merck ($164 billion)
  • GlaxoSmithKline ($103 billion)
  • Eli Lilly ($98 billion)

Monday, April 23, 2018

Who is Bill Priestap?

Bill Priestap is the head of the FBI’s Counter-Intelligence Division.
Per Comey’s testimony, Priestap was the individual responsible for making the decision not to inform Congressional leadership – the Gang of Eight – about the July 2016 FBI Russia-Trump Investigation.
Priestap is not a household name, but he held a pivotal role in the FBI’s exoneration of Clinton, the subsequent Trump-Russia Investigation and surveillance of the Trump Campaign.
Bill Priestap presented the FBI’s contributions to the early 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment, or ICA – Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent Elections – to the Senate Intelligence Committee on June 21, 2017.
Bill Priestap has been copied on virtually every significant email – including FBI Director Comey’s exoneration of Hillary Clinton. Priestap is referenced on the Strzok/Page texts hundreds of times.
We know the following (expanded timeline and details at bottom):
  • Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr and FBI Agent Peter Strzok both have ties to Fusion GPS and Richard Steele.
  • Fusion and Steele are being paid by the Clinton Campaign.
  • Strzok personally helps to exonerate Clinton in the email investigation.
  • Ohr has known Steele since 2006.
  • Ohr’s wife was employed by Fusion GPS.
  • The Steele Dossier uses uncorroborated information from the Clinton Campaign and Circular Reporting.
  • Ohr provides the Trump Dossier to Strzok who uses it to start the FBI Investigation into Russia and the Trump Campaign in July 2016 (per March 20, 2017 testimony by Comey).
  • The Dossier is used by the FBI to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump Campaign.
  • Strzok personally interviews Mike Flynn w/out notice.
The two individuals with direct supervisory authority over Bruce Ohr and Peter Strzok:
Sally Yates and Bill Priestap, respectively.
Bruce Ohr reported directly to Yates.
Peter Strzok reported directly to Bill Priestap.
To recap – Bill Priestap:
  • Was – per Comey – the individual responsible for making the decision not to inform Congressional leadership – the Gang of Eight – about the July 2016 FBI investigation.
  • Was directly involved in the surveillance and investigation of Michael Flynn.
  • Oversaw the activities of FBI Agent Strzok. Strzok was involved in all facets of the Clinton investigation and interviewed Flynn.
  • Gave approval for the use of the Trump Dossier.
  • Gave approval of background documents used in FISA warrant preparation.
  • Was responsible for preparing and presenting the FBI’s Russian Assessment.
Consider the following.
Individuals directly below Priestap (Strzok) and directly above Priestap (McCabe) have been ensnared and exposed by the Inspector General’s Investigation:
  • Comey has been fired.
  • Strzok is off Mueller’s team and has been demoted. He is on the verge of being subpoenaed by Congress.
  • Bruce Ohr has been demoted – twice.
  • McCabe was recently forced to resign. McCabe is also on the verge of being subpoenaed by Congress.
  • FBI top counsel James Baker was effectively fired in January.
  • Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand – the number three official behind Deputy AG Rosenstein – quit two days ago.
  • Michael Kortan – FBI Asst. Director Public Affairs – quit three days ago.
  • David Laufman – DOJ National Security Division, Deputy Asst. Attorney General in charge of counterintelligence – quit four days ago.
So where is Bill Priestap?
And why aren’t you hearing his name daily?
Because someone has almost certainly been speaking with him.
There have been two earlier indications that Priestap has flipped and is cooperating with ongoing investigations by the Inspector General and Congress.
Representative Chris Stewart’s reaction was the final confirmation.
It is now virtually certain.
Bill Priestap is a cooperating witness. And Bill Priestap knows – quite literally – everything.


Priestap joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1998, and he was appointed as assistant director of the FBI Counterintelligence Division in 2015.[2][3]
In June 2017, Priestap told the PBS NewsHour program that Russian intelligence "used fake news and propaganda and they also used online amplifiers to spread the information to as many people as possible" during the 2016 United States presidential election.[4]
In the Nunes memo, released in February 2018, Priestap suggests the Trump–Russia dossier had not been completely investigated prior to their application for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant to surveil Carter Page, former foreign policy adviser in Donald Trump's 2016 Presidential campaign.[5][6]

Personal life[edit]

Priestap is married to Sabina Menschel, the current head of the Washington, D.C., office of Nardello & Co, a detective agency. Menschel's father, Richard Menschel, is a Goldman Sachs investment banker, philanthropist and Democratic donor, as is her uncle Robert Menschel.[7] His mother-in-law, Ronay A. Menschel, was a Democratic deputy mayor of New York City under Ed Koch.

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