Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Airplane for the Garage

For only $189,000

Sport Pilot License
It’s flying pure and simple with fewer complexities
In conjunction with the 2004 creation of Light Sport Aircraft category, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) created the Sport Pilot License (SPL). The SPL is a new type of pilot certificate designed to get you safely and easily trained for recreational flying in Light Sport Aircraft. By restricting recreational flying for sport pilots to daytime, good weather, and in uncongested airspace, much of the complexities of learning to fly have been removed.
As a result, the time and cost commitment to learn to fly are now half what they previously were. New pilots can be safely trained in a matter of weeks, versus months. Additionally, all hours logged sport flying can be applied toward higher pilot ratings, like the Private Pilot License. As a result, the new SPL is perfectly suited for beginner pilots, even as they aspire to eventually fly larger, more complex, transportation aircraft.
Sport Pilot License

- Training cost (estimated): $3,000-$5,000
- Type of airplane: Any that meets LSA classification
- In-flight training: 20 hours (minimum)
- Medical Requirements: FAA Medical or Driver’s License *
- Minimum Age: 17
- Certification Process: must pass an FAA written and practical examination
- Flying at night: No
- Flying cross country: Yes
- Flight in inclement weather or clouds: No
- Flight in controlled airspace: Yes with additional instructor sign-off
- Occupants: 2 (pilot and passenger)
- Altitude limit: 10,000 ft. MSL (mean sea level)

 More information about the license here

Sunday, March 23, 2014

How to kill America with a suit case of cash.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Justice is not blind, but chained
   The real reason the United States of America is headed blindly towards a virtual cliff from which even the constitution might not ever recover are two fold.
One, the army of corporate lobbyists.
Two.  The States Secret act.  This one is for a later journal entry.
   While both are controversial and I really hate the abuse of the state secrets act.
The one that causes the most damage to America and its people are the corporate lobbyists
 But just how did this army of lobbyists come to park itself within the halls of power?
A long time ago during a radio interview I was asked that same question.
The furthest we can go back to is the case that first granted the corporations equal rights under the law.
The Santa Clara V Southern Pacific Railraod case. What really galls me is that the case was about taxes not equal rights. But a court clerck named Bancroft Davis a share holder of railroad stockstook it upon himself to insert the equal protection clause into the foot notes. Never the less that was the case that started the slippery slope slide.
    The people who are behind the helms of these corporations now demanded that now be treated as real flesh and bones and demanded that they to have the right to petition the Government. While this ‘right to petition’ is the most benign and well intended, it is by far the most abused by corporations.
    The abuse of these words has gotten so bad that during the era of Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush jr and even today these lobbyists get asked to write the wording into whatever legislation they want.
     Consider this for a moment. Corporation Xyza has a product and in order to get more costumers they write a law that forces citizens to buy the product or else. Sounds familiar? The Health Care Mandate rings your bell?
    The average Jane Complain will go to the local politico office/write letter and pester the legislator into fixing the foul conditions of the water, landfill or road ETC.
On the other hand corporations having a larger purse will send an army of lobbyists and lawyers to the very desk of legislator to draft regulations/laws that will benefit only them.
Some examples of such greed, abuse and manipulation of our constitutional rights are the recently revealed activities of the Koch Brothers, The street lights cameras, The Arizona immigration law.
This abuse of the constitutional ‘right to pettition’ is two fold. The power of a large purse and the fact that corporations write the laws and regulations they want using a lot of lobbyists from the county level all the way up to Washington.
    The right to petition is way to important to be watered down of changed. So how do we restore the balance of power back to the citizens given that the courts themselves are under the political gun of…"And if you don’t go along. We will give all our money on your opponent.”
The answer is simple Public Finance of Elections.
Here is food for thought…How can a corporation have the right of ‘freedom of speech’
when the owner (s) of said corporation already have that right?

Consider the following:
Corporations are property whose existence can be done away the stroke of a pen.
Corporations are not natural born citizens
Corporations can’t hold elective office.
Corporations can’t be arrested.
Corporations can’t be sworn in court.
Corporations can’t vote.
And yet the supreme court said....

Friday, March 14, 2014

Missing Flower

The elusive wreck of the Portuguese carrack
Flor do Mar

by Pascal Kainic

From all the sunken treasures in the world, there is at least one which has been described as the ultimate prize for treasure hunters, the Holy Grail of shipwrecks and most legendary lost treasures:

The Flor do Mar, also named Flor de la Mar.

Since her loss in early 1512 and until nowadays, no effort was spared to try to locate her remains and salvage the immense treasures she was said to be carrying. Speculations, assumptions, theories about her whereabouts has been the never ending subject of numerous salvage groups without giving a clue even almost 500 years later.

Historical background
The Flor do Mar (Flower of the Sea) was a Portuguese ship of 400 tons, built in Lisbon in 1502. Her maiden voyage was under the command of Estavao de Gama (brother of Vasco de Gama). She was part of the second voyage to India by the Portuguese in 1505. On her return voyage, she was beached rounding the Cape and put into Mozambique for repairs.

Then, she was taken out of the Lisbon - Goa route and participated in the conquest of Ormuz in 1507. She was also part of the battle of Diu in 1509, the conquest of Goa in 1510 and the conquest of Malacca in 1511. She was finally lost in a violent storm off the northern tip of the coast of Sumatra on her return trip to Lisbon with Alfonso de Albuquerque on board and the spoils of Malacca.

One of the reports of her loss:

«…After the spoils, the Portuguese fleet set sail for Goa under the command of Alfonso de Albuquerque with 4 other ships and a junk. The weather was fine with a calm sea when suddenly; sailing during the night along the coast of Sumatra, the fleet was hit by a terrible typhoon with huge waves and thunder. Trying to find refuge on the coast, the old and glorious Capitan was shipwrecked on the beach. Her old and rotten body opened itself and the ship was cut in two pieces. Her back completely embedded in the sand was demolished by the waves.

On the deck, Albuquerque tried to protect the daughter of one of his slaves waiting for their death. In this terrible situation, the jolly boat of the closest ship, the Trinity, succeeded in saving the Admiral as well as several other Portuguese, 5 in total. But the ship was fatally lost with her rich cargo and more than 400 men… With the Flor do Mar was lost the treasure for the King, gold, jewels and precious stones. Amongst the personal effects of the Governor were two lions in brass and the famous magic bracelet of the Rajah of Sabandar…»
From an original report from Albuquerque translated into English (long letter):

«…The monies in gold, silver, copper and tin are coined in Melacca. Much of the tin money was lost in the Flor do Mar…»
Another report from a real (?) eyewitness:

He states that the Flor do Mar sunk in 4 fathoms of water (7 meters), the ship was said to have the highest of both fore and aft castles of Albuquerque’s fleet, comparable to those of the Chinese junks. In that case, it is most probable that the wreck was still visible at the surface and very accessible to the locals. According to this witness, 100 souls were left on board and logically; most of the precious cargo could be saved afterwards. He reports that everything that water could not spoil was recovered…
Stories about her spoils and her cargo of treasure:

«…Aboard these ships are the rich plunder of Malacca and young boys and girls and specially the most rich objects ever seen. The Governor intended to offer them to Dona Maria, the Queen, and to the King himself. She was carrying a four legs table on which the Queen of Malacca used to take her meals that was worth 80.000 Cruzados. Even the merchants of Malacca offered 300.000 Cruzados to get it only for its precious stones. She was also carrying four sitting lions made of gold with perfumes inside. They used to be in the chamber of the King of Malacca, their eyes, tongs, teeth and nails were made of precious stones and their estimated value was 200.000 Cruzados…» According to other reports, she carried more than 80 tons of intricately worked gold objects and countless chests of precious stones and pearls.
Modern attempts of salvage:

Several attempts to salvage her cargo reputedly one of the richest in the world have failed until now. Based on faulty statements, it is notorious that President Soeharto himself spent US$ 20 millions in an unsuccessful search.

Nevertheless, some treasure hunters have claimed in the press having found the wreck. The American Bob Marx announced that he found her in 1992 after 3 days of survey, 100 miles away from the original search area. But according to the story, word leaked out immediately and the project was halted.

Portugal, Malaysia and other countries whose treasures had been plundered some 500 years ago lodged claims to the wreck in the International Court at The Hague. As a matter of fact, ownership has yet to be established today.

In March 1992, the front page of Skin Diver Magazine announces "80 billion dollar treasure lost and found"… But no real and solid evidence for this fact !

Before Marx’s venture a previous attempt was done in 1989 and 1990 by a group of Australian and American treasure hunters along with the Indonesian businessman Tjetty and his company South East Asia Salvage (SEAS). Their search was based on clues that the ship was lost on a rock or reef on the coast of Sumatra, just opposite to the kingdom of Daru. Survivors had managed to reach the river Pacem and the ship’s final resting place was this rock or reef within a cannon shot from shore.

Two main survey points were established as Tamiang and Pasai with an approximate distance of 60 miles between them to make a complete survey.

In May 1989, surveys began and 3 month later, only several old anchors were found, a Chinese junk rudder and a WWII steel wreck, but no evidence of the wreck of Flor Do Mar.

In March 1990, the decision was made to abandon the area and move to Pasai were surveys begun around karang Timau with the help of an archaeologist who claimed to know the precise location of the wreck. 200 meters southwest of Tengah reef, a large magnetometer reading was registered, but dives on the spot revealed nothing of significance. Even the airlifting of the soil, making a large hole was disappointing. Surveys continued and the airlifting was abandoned. Finally, SEAS was dissolved in 1992.

From a more serious and simple analysis of the region, as well as information from archives, all the indication available are only approximate. In these early ages of discoveries by the Portuguese, accounts of any sorts are evidently inaccurate. The maps were rough and the poor shipwrecked sailors gave the account they could only afford about their misfortune.

Flor Do Mar was stranded on the beach and sunk in the muddy bottom. She was lost in a high current area and during a storm. The rough conditions of the sea most probably destroyed what was left of her. A portion of her cargo almost certainly spilled out onto the seabed too, the rest being salvaged certainly later by the locals.

Of course, nowadays the ship’s body has not survived and it is, in all probability, very difficult to locate gold dust, coins or precious stones in a zero visibility diving area, with a muddy bottom and high currents…

Flor Do Mar has been reported to be one of the richest shipwreck, if not THE one, still to be found anywhere in the world. By reading most of the stories written on her, one would convince itself that it is true ! Therefore, a common sense and a true analysis of the whole data can only encourage oneself to keep this story as a beautiful dream and not as a serious investment in shipwreck salvage…

Monday, March 3, 2014

أفضل كرنفال صور

CIA front corporations giving out counterfeit Dollar bill victims

CIA Printing False US Dollars...Read Below...
Two false CIA/NSA corporations implicit in circulating Counterfeit money...
Who did the CIA gave false money too? Survivors of "mistaken" Drone attacks, "Victims of US soldiers aggressions. These are some of the recipients of fake CIA/NSA money. Who knows maybe even informants are getting False Dollars.
Abraham Ben Judea

Haab Enterprises ousted as a CIA Front Company

Rep. Andy Patrick’s nasty divorce has revealed that he funneled money for a CIA front company called “Haab Enterprises”.

Below: Some of the counterfeit money Andy Patrick’s wife, Amee, turned over to the FBI. Amee Patrick photographed the money before releasing it to the FBI.

Read more here: http://www.islandpacket.com/2014/02/20/2959453/patrick-fallout-involves-fbi-secret.html#storylink=cpy

Below: Receipt from FBI listing documents and counterfeit money that Andy Patrick’s wife, Amee, turned over to that agency. The FBI agent who made the list described the money as “possible” counterfeit. However, Andy Patrick acknowledged in a statement he released Feb. 19 that the money was, in fact, counterfeit.

Below: Receipt from the Secret Service listing documents that Andy Patrick’s wife, Amee, turned over to that agency.

Below: Andy Patrick’s answers to questions emailed to him by The Island Packet and The Beaufort Gazette. (Original Source of Documents)

Below: A portion of Amee Patrick’s Dec. 16 affidavit in which she states that the CIA sent money to operatives abroad by funneling it through Advance Point Global, Andy Patrick’s security company.

Below: Complete text of Amee Patrick’s affidavit

My name is Amee Patrick. I am 38 years old and mother to 5. I married to the Defendant on June 27, 1998. We have been married for 15 years.

This action concerns the separation as man and wife and custody of our children, Hannah (14), Emma (12), Sasha (8) and Vlademir (7). This matter does not include the custody of our oldest child, Joel Patrick, who is 19 and living in Massachusetts.

Their father is Andrew S. Patrick, the Defendant in this action who has proven to be horribly verbally abusive, suffering from outbreaks of intense anger and lacking both integrity and honesty.

Prior to marrying Andy I felt a sense of protection in the fact that Andy was a former NY State Patrol Officer. I felt I would be secure and protected. I felt he must be a man of his word. My assumptions were misguided but had not yet the clarity to distinguish at that time.

Andy advanced when his application with the Secret Service was accepted. I was very proud of him and supported our time apart in order for him to complete months of training in Quantico VA and Glynco GA.

We were married and a town home was provided by my father in which Andy, Joel and I were able to reside rent free during his assignment over the next few years in the Philadelphia Field office. Many of my needs and the needs of Joel were met by my parents in Andy’s frequent and extensive absence. My parents were very generous financially and gracious in their giving. He did not feel responsible for our welfare it seamed.

As his training increased his behavior patterns began to change. The way he spoke reflected coldness with a now uncomfortable tonality. He became less interested in relationships and more interested in rules. He grew aggressively short with Joel. Then militaristic. Joel was allowed no voice. He was to stand at attention while Andrew would barrage him with out of control dialogue and spit would fly from his mouth and I was to not interfere as a dutiful Christian wife, submission to her husband. Shoes, silverware, magazines had to be arranged, aligned and organized without falter. We walked on egg shells. Joel was frightened of his father by the young age of 5. This hurt me. I could not protect my son or so I thought. At least I didn’t know I could. My upbringing Christian and I was here to make it thru, not give up and further more be submissive to my husband.

Andy was transferred to the Atlantic City field office in New Jersey. We moved and I was expecting. I was further away from the support and company of family and in their absence his tactics increased. I had no one to turn to. My children were everything to me and in my isolation placed every bit of making their lives comfortable and safe my mission. My job was mom. And providing stability and keeping the peace essential.

Joel stopped bringing over friends because he was afraid of abusive verbal confrontations and embarrassment of him passed out for all to see. I followed suit and continued to endure a now extreme isolated lifestyle. No one knew our pain. My only joy was the children and church.

Our home life continued to deteriorate in this fashion yet with every birth came another reason for me to make it a “happy day”. This was my mantra and how I woke them each up every morning. Emma was born and I had someone to love and loved me in return.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wild Winter in the UK same as Wild Summer? Then repeat

Below in this post are some pictures of the flooding caused by the recent TRAIN/RASH of storms that has hit the UK since November...Before that it was a very wet Summer. The prediction from this desk is that because there is a new ocean current that is cooling the North flowing Gulf currents.
Britannia will now have to become a costumed to wild weather like this wild winter year. The Summer will not be much better, just as wet or worse this year...Storms are now forming right of the North East coast of America
Abraham Ben Judea

Below is a pictogram showing the location of a newly discovered ocean current off the coast of Greenland.

Below is a fragment from a 1943 chart of the World ocean current as they were back in the 40's

This picture will now be a common occurrence, not only in the winter but the summer also

Notice the storms that forms of the East coast of America. These storms are now a permanent feature