Thursday, June 2, 2016

Realestate license no longer needed, see below

Real estate license no longer needed to sell real estate properties*
The present
     In the united states the individual states in the past have banded together to regulate the sale of properties through regulation and enforcement of those regulation to generate revenue and protect the public.
     As time passed those regulations become more complex and expensive...
People who wanted to sell or become active in the field of real estate face not only the county/state regulations but also they must pay individual membership association fees every year to the tune of hundreds of dollars. What is worse is that you as a real estate agent belong to one association a neighboring association WILL NOT DISPLAY the listings of the other county agents... The public can SEE the listings but an agent who wants to see and sell the other agents listing will not be able to see or sell the other agents UNLESS he or she belongs to multiple associations...In other words
not only do you have to go to Real Estate school (pay) Take the State exam hope you pass (pay again) take the Post license (pay again), Must affiliate with a local board of realtors (pay again every year)
All that, only to have local associations behave as realtors did before the advent of associations (1940's) when realtors would call other realtor's at other offices.
Given all these circumstances, why should any person on their right mind go through all those hoops when thanks to the age of internet any person who wants to sell and buy real estate can bypass the whole system...
Yes, that is right, anyone with a little bit of CHUTZPAH can sell real estate properties without a state license
Modern day bypass of regulations and real estate laws
In order to sell real estate without a license in most states and even most countries you will need the following:
 1) Access to the already have it, you are reading this.
 2) A notary public license or a friend who is one or know of one
3) Make/find a power of attorney paper. This power of attorney MUST be specific and LIMITED to the sale of the property and MUST be TIME limited, That is... the power of attorney must be assigned to a specific property and for a very limited time of no more than 180 days (6 months)

4)  Set a Blog page...

Why those 3 things? and how they work?
#1 and #4 go together. The blog page is the one item that is a little more technical and the one that has the potential to make you or break you.
Why a blog page? (link) That is where you will publicize the properties (internet) bypassing the REALTORS MLS SERVICE.
If you already know how to setup a blog page good, if not get help it is easier than you think...
#2 The notary public (link) if you are a notary public already good for you. But if you use the services of somebody else so much the better.
Have the seller call one (notary) to notarize the power of attorney paper with the characteristics noted above and at the same time explain it to the seller....
#4 Get to work and make some money but above all be honest to your self.

This same way to sell properties of others with out a state license is a loop hole that can be used just about anywhere in the 50 states 

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