Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Secret Steam powered Car?

Meet the people who have modern day steam engine. It’s cheap, efficient, and compact & could change the worlds political/sociological landscape.
These men at Enginion have a fully functional, efficient modern day steam engine.http://www.amovis.de/en/leaders.htm They together with the VW car co. built several working prototypes, but then decided that the world should not have the EZEE03 and the revolutionary steam engine? They have kept it for themselves.
Look at the facts and modern history of the steam power engine and car. Also consider the consequences upon society, the only ones who will lose with this modern day steam engine loose upon the world are the rich, government and Electric power companies. The poor and middle class would be the real winners. Either these people at VW and Enginion were told something, or they are incredibly short sighted as to think that the world is not ready buy a modern day steam powered car. Maybe it’s just greed.  See Engine here...http://www.amovis.de/en/simulation.htm, Link no longer working.

Looking at the consequences it’s not surprising that even the German government with all social programs and state sponsored schools would oppose the release of this new steam powered car the EZEE03
What does it mean for a modern steam power car to be sold to the public? It means that the taxes collected through the Gasoline Tax and used to maintain the government and infrastructure will not be collected. This alone will cause far and wide reaching effects.
Governments will have to find other sources of taxation, Roads will be neglected and municipal pensions will have to be abolished.
But the poor will have power to build, power and money to innovate and invent. That money that today goes to the Government and petrol companies will be invested and spend in other areas.
 From 1996, a R&D subsidiary of the Volkswagen group called Enginion AG was developing a system called ZEE (Zero Emissions Engine). It produced steam almost instantly without an open flame, and took 30 seconds to reach maximum power from a cold start. Their third prototype, EZEE03, was a three-cylinder unit meant to fit in a Škoda Fabia automobile. The EZEE03 was described as having a "two-stroke" (i.e. single-acting) engine of 1,000 cc (61 cu in) displacement, producing up to 220 hp (164 kW) (500 N·m or 369 ft·lbf). Exhaust emissions were said to be far below the SULEV standard. It had an "oilless" engine with ceramic cylinder linings using steam instead of oil as a lubricant. However, Enginion (link) found that the market was not ready for steam cars, so they opted instead to develop the "Steamcell" power generator/heating system based on similar technology.


 We've found a picture of the actual steamcell engine as sold to costumers We want you to see the small cell phone in the corner of the unit...It was placed there to give us a scale on how small this Modern day steam engine is.


You can thank Google invasive policies for the deleted pictures

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  1. I think its a geat idea!

  2. They were bought off to facilitate oil profits and global warming or they were killed or threatened to be killed - as was done by Shell Oil in the 1960's with the 200 mile per gallon carburetor.

  3. It seems to me a small steam powered motor to run a generator for a house would be posible. The motor could be powered by a asortment of fuels,one of wich could be wood pelits. insted of heating the house it could posibly do the hole job.It would have to be Green power though and this is posible also. The tax on fosel fuel is about the same as tax on cegarits or at least simalar.A vishus circal.All created by politics fueled by lies and deciption.You are still kids and you know who you are.Sorry for the spelling.

  4. Enginion has removed the video of the engine from it's web page so the link to it no longer works. The only place for a video is here. Hurry make a copy.

  5. Oh, for heaven's sake, this story is well-known in the light steam-technology community. The engine project was diverted (into SteamCell) by a large German utility company that wanted to use the technology for distributed ("emergency") generation.

    Problem was with the longevity of materials and, to a lesser extent, lubrication; there was also the issue that the work done on boiler feed pumping required significant high-order energy to reach the supercritical pressure involved.

    If you are interested in the technology of the engine, see:


  6. Its stories like this that anger me. we have a solution but are told no because of tax... revenue losses... and other greed related initiatives. Diesel developed an engine that works on vegetable oil... but we are told to use fossil oils instead. totally ridiculous ...

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