Saturday, November 13, 2010

Water boarding how its really done.

                           I was there.
     In Guantanamo Bay, to the northwest of the US airport. If you follow the road that’s south of camp X-ray go West on it for about 700 meters, You should be able to make a hard right, follow the unpaved winding road for another 300 meters. There hidden among the mangroves and the mud you’ll find two structures, just shy of the Cuban border but well away from the activity, eyes and ears of the base.
One of the structures is about the size of a large shed. It is windowless and well insulated. Temperature inside can go to about 50 degrees. This low temp helps us soften up or should I say condition and prepare a detainee before the actual interrogation. This shed is divided in two by a common center door that leads to the water boarding side. The subject is place in the center of the room, almost nude, feet shackled to the floor, arms above his head held there by a rope through a eye bolt placed in the ceiling.
The detainee is held there according to what is ok’d by the physician in charge. After 12 or 18 hrs in the cold room there’s not much of a fight in them. Sometimes when we retrieve a subject we find them to have soiled themselves both ways. We just hose them down right then and there. Some of them take a little longer than others to turn a nice shade of Blue.
   We drag the helpless heap to the water boarding side. In the center of the room there’s a modified gurney to which we drop the subject like a sack of potatoes and quickly strap the arms legs and torso to make them as immobile as possible. There’s a doctor with some tools and a De-fib. Sometimes we do go a little too far and we have to bring the subject back. Another man with a camera, His job is to record the subject not us. Yes we still do some video taping for some brass, who must be provided deniability.
Another guy is there with a list of questions that need answering. My team mate and I are there only to manhandle the subject.
At this point most people think that we reach for the buckets and towels. We did away with that messy methodology on account that we also soaked our pants, boots and feet.
What we have today is a full face diving half-mask. But instead of letting Oxygen in, a water hose is attached to it. It's definitely not done like in the picture above.
The questioning begins before we even reach for the mask. Once the mask is on the subject the valve is turned, the mask fills with water our boots and feet remain dry.
The doctor in charge is the one who decides how long to keep the water in the subjects face mask.
Anyway our job is not to question, judge who, what or why, we just do as we are told.
You do know of course that this is a work of fiction.

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