Sunday, March 23, 2014

How to kill America with a suit case of cash.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Justice is not blind, but chained
   The real reason the United States of America is headed blindly towards a virtual cliff from which even the constitution might not ever recover are two fold.
One, the army of corporate lobbyists.
Two.  The States Secret act.  This one is for a later journal entry.
   While both are controversial and I really hate the abuse of the state secrets act.
The one that causes the most damage to America and its people are the corporate lobbyists
 But just how did this army of lobbyists come to park itself within the halls of power?
A long time ago during a radio interview I was asked that same question.
The furthest we can go back to is the case that first granted the corporations equal rights under the law.
The Santa Clara V Southern Pacific Railraod case. What really galls me is that the case was about taxes not equal rights. But a court clerck named Bancroft Davis a share holder of railroad stockstook it upon himself to insert the equal protection clause into the foot notes. Never the less that was the case that started the slippery slope slide.
    The people who are behind the helms of these corporations now demanded that now be treated as real flesh and bones and demanded that they to have the right to petition the Government. While this ‘right to petition’ is the most benign and well intended, it is by far the most abused by corporations.
    The abuse of these words has gotten so bad that during the era of Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush jr and even today these lobbyists get asked to write the wording into whatever legislation they want.
     Consider this for a moment. Corporation Xyza has a product and in order to get more costumers they write a law that forces citizens to buy the product or else. Sounds familiar? The Health Care Mandate rings your bell?
    The average Jane Complain will go to the local politico office/write letter and pester the legislator into fixing the foul conditions of the water, landfill or road ETC.
On the other hand corporations having a larger purse will send an army of lobbyists and lawyers to the very desk of legislator to draft regulations/laws that will benefit only them.
Some examples of such greed, abuse and manipulation of our constitutional rights are the recently revealed activities of the Koch Brothers, The street lights cameras, The Arizona immigration law.
This abuse of the constitutional ‘right to pettition’ is two fold. The power of a large purse and the fact that corporations write the laws and regulations they want using a lot of lobbyists from the county level all the way up to Washington.
    The right to petition is way to important to be watered down of changed. So how do we restore the balance of power back to the citizens given that the courts themselves are under the political gun of…"And if you don’t go along. We will give all our money on your opponent.”
The answer is simple Public Finance of Elections.
Here is food for thought…How can a corporation have the right of ‘freedom of speech’
when the owner (s) of said corporation already have that right?

Consider the following:
Corporations are property whose existence can be done away the stroke of a pen.
Corporations are not natural born citizens
Corporations can’t hold elective office.
Corporations can’t be arrested.
Corporations can’t be sworn in court.
Corporations can’t vote.
And yet the supreme court said....

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